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National Karate Schools of Wisconsin

Martial Arts Classes for 4-7 Years

Martial Arts Classes for Children 4-7 Years

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Martial Arts Classes for 8-12 Years

Martial Arts Classes for Youth 8-12 Years

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Martial Arts Classes for Adults

Martial Arts Classes for Adults

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National Karate Martial Arts Classes

The New Berlin, WI Great Lakes National Karate location is accessible from West Allis, Muskego, Brookfield, and Milwaukee as well as the communities of Waukesha, West Allis, Mukwonago, Greenfield and Elm Grove. National Karate has earned respect throughout the nation, not just the Great Lakes region. Having built a sterling reputation over nearly 40 years, NK's professional instructors and adult and kids' New Berlin martial arts programs are counted as some of the best in the country. We offer a wide variety of martial arts classes, including our New Berlin karate, kickboxing and self-defense classes. Whether you are an adult and want to learn, or if you want to enroll your children into a martial arts school, we welcome all ages. Our weapons class is a customer favorite that we offer on Fridays for our youths (8-12) and adults (13 & up) sections. The classes range from beginners up to black belts as well as youth sparring classes and kickboxing classes for adults. Private martial arts and karate lessons are also available upon request. Take a look around to see if NK is right for you!

National Karate's Martial Arts Technique

National Karate and Kickboxing (or just NK) is an "Americanized" form of Karate with roots in Tae Kwon Do and Karate. "Americanized" means that instead of teaching just one style, our instructors teach best aspects of other styles of martial arts in order give students the best self-defense training available. For instance, Judo has the best throws and take downs, so in addition to teaching Karate and Tae Kwon Do, we will also teach our students the best moves that Judo has to offer. Boxing has the best punching techniques, and we jump into other forms of martial arts such as Akido, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Kendo and weapons defenses. Our program also incorporates state-of-the-art physical fitness training techniques so you will be working out while learning and having fun!

National Karate's first karate school opened up in 1973 in Minneapolis, MN. Today, National Karate has 22 locations in Minnesota, 4 in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and our location in New Berlin, making us the Midwest's largest martial arts organization. Having taught more than 60,000 students and currently training more than 6,000 active members, National Karate and Kickboxing is truly the largest and most prestigious martial arts organization in the Midwest. If you would like to learn more about our New Berlin karate classes and New Berlin kickboxing classes or our self-defense and weapons classes, please contact us today! Please also read our martial arts testimonials to see what our students have to say about Great Lakes National Karate!