About National Karate

About National Karate

Brief National Karate History

In 1973, our first school opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota under the direction of Grand Masters and 9th Degree Black Belts, John Worley and Larry Carnahan. With 22 locations in Minnesota, 4 in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, and now a location in the greater Milwaukee area, NK has become the largest martial arts organization in the Midwest. NK has taught over 60,000 people and currently has over 6,000 active students.

The professional instructors at NK are among the best in America. They are highly skilled martial artists, as well as effective communicators and leaders. All NK instructors are certified Black Belts who are committed to excellence and promise to provide the best Martial Arts training available anywhere.

National Karate's Martial Arts Technique

The expert instructors at NK are continuing to refine Korean Tae Kwon Do and Japanese Karate by adding techniques and theory relevant to the modern American lifestyle, while preserving the traditions and philosophy of its Eastern heritage. Using the best aspect of Korean Tae Kwon Do and Japanese Karate, NK is considered an American style of Karate. This blend of East and West makes NK a truly unique martial art system.

The Indomitable Spirit of a Black Belt

One of the most important qualities in successful people is the possession of an unquenchable drive and determination. A spirit that never gives up, that never quits, and always keeps fighting. National Karate and Kickboxing has been developing this indomitable spirit in people since 1973. That is why we are so proud of the men, women, and children who have achieved one of the most coveted and respected accomplishments in life...the rank of Black Belt!

Would you like to begin the exciting journey to developing an indomitable spirit and earn a Black Belt? All glory comes from daring to begin!

If you have questions relating to our technique, classes, class times, and more, please visit our karate frequently asked questions page.