Karate Classes

Are you looking for 'karate classes near me'? At Great Lakes National Karate, we are committed to providing expert training and hands-on learning experiences to students of all levels, from children to adults. Great Lakes National Karate teaches classic methods of karate. You will find our karate classes fun, challenging, and empowering. At Greak Lakes NK, we understand that each and every student is unique. Therefore, as we teach each karate class, we pay attention to each student's needs and questions, working to help bring out the individual's potential.

Great Lakes National Karate emphasizes self-defense. We make it our mission to encourage developing the student's confidence, control, knowledge and self-improvement. Additionally, our karate instructors will go through step-by-step processes and advancements towards you and/or your child's self-improvement. We encourage anyone to attend our karate classes to develop you further, even if you don't believe you're good at it!

Please read our testimonials to see what students have to say about their experience taking our self-defense and karate classes! It is amazing to see how our karate classes develop confidence, strength and self-esteem in the student, and we are very happy to be a part of that process!

Safe Karate Teaching Methods

Our karate instructors hope that you will find the skills learned benefitting you in body and mind. We hope that the skills taught will provide karate students of all ages with lifelong lessons practiced safely under the rules. In the area of self-defense in real life, the use of martial arts is only to be executed in the most desperate situations. We help to develop responsibilty in the student while teaching self-defense.

Control is key when it comes to our students. We teach them to control their strength and new found skills when outside of karate class. You will find that karate classes are also a great way to relieve stress!

The workouts that we teach and practice will challenge even the most physically fit individuals. They are designed to allow any karate student to achieve their physical potential, no matter what level they are in. Whole body workouts have always been a basic practice for karate. Whether you are four or forty, we can guarantee that our karate classes will strengthen and make you a better you!

We Make Karate Classes Fun!

Great Lakes National Karate has done away with the “stern” nature of karate training. Our karate classes and programs are fun and engaging! Additionally, any of our karate courses can be as challenging as you want them to be. Great Lakes National Karate is able to accommodate all levels of experience and physical ability of the student. To learn more about our karate classes, please give us a call at (262) 786-6000, or fill out the form below. We're happy to meet you and get you started on a brand new karate journey!

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