Are you looking for "kickboxing classes near me?" Here at Great Lake NK, we are committed to continuing decades of tradition by providing expert training in kickboxing and other forms of martial arts like karate and krav maga to students of all skill levels. We provide a fun, challenging and engaging kickboxing experience for everyone. As we teach each kickboxing class, we pay attention to each student's needs, working to help bring out the indivdual's confidence, and helping them develop control and self-improvement.

Since 1973, Greak Lakes National Karate has been instructing students and enthusiasts of all ages in kickboxing. Throughout the years, we have continued to develop and refine our technique. All our instructors here at Great Lakes NK are knowledgeable professionals. When we train our kickboxing students, rest assured we are committed to excellence in the art. We are proud of our many students (over 60,000 since 1973!) who have developed their technique for many years with us. Our first martial arts school opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota and today, we have over 6,000 active students in Minnesota, the greater Milwaukee area and the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, learning kickboxing and other forms of martial arts.

Safe Kickboxing Teaching Methods

Here at Great Lakes NK, our kickboxing instructors utilize only safe kickboxing teaching methods. It is our goal to provide skills that will equip you with lifelong lessons practiced safely under the rules. In addition, we instruct our students in control, discipline and responsibility — in real life, martial arts is only to be executed in the most desperate situations.

Our kickboxing classes will challenge even the most physically fit individuals. You will find that our kickboxing sessions are designed to help kickboxing students of all ages reach their physical and mental potential, no matter what your current skill set is. We guarantee that these kickboxing classes will strengthen and challenge you — making you a better you!

We Make Kickboxing Classes Fun!

Here at Great Lakes NK we make our kickboxing classes fun! For adults, you will enjoy learning kickboxing from our instructors — no matter the level of your experience! We have something for every skill level, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Additionally, our kickboxing instructors enjoy teaching students of all ages, and best of all, the discipline and exercise are a great way to stimluate and strengthen both mind and body. Please contact our kickboxing instructors here at Great Lakes NK to set up an appointment and visit our class schedules page for information on ages and class times.

Please give us a call at (262) 786-6000, or fill out the form below to start your kickboxing journey!

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