Milwaukee Karate School

Great Lakes National Karate is committed to all levels of training and individual advancement in Milwaukee martial arts for anyone seeking to join martial arts classes in or around Milwaukee. Through new innovative teaching, a hands-on learning approach, and the highest research into classic methods, our students receive the best training available. Martial arts techniques such as karate, kickboxing and Krav Maga can help develop students' strengths and work through the challenges they face in everyday life. We know everyone is unique and has unlimited potential when it comes to achieving a personal goal. Our mission at the Milwaukee Karate School is to bring out that potential through various Milwaukee karate classes, Milwaukee kickboxing classes and other sparring classes for both adults and children.

Milwaukee Martial Arts Programs

Self-defense, such as Krav Maga is one of our many approaches we teach, even though we teach many forms of martial arts. Students can look forward to feeling more confident through the knowledge they gain of self-defense and other martial art forms. We will show you the step-by-step processes and advancements towards your self-improvement and we encourage anyone throughout Milwaukee to attend our efficient karate, kickboxing and Krav Maga classes. We bring different cultures into our teaching methods which will reflect the outcome of our students. At Great Lakes National Karate, we not only focus on the cultures and arts, but also on the students and their own mind and bodies.

Milwaukee Martial Arts Benefits

Martial arts can teach you to keep your mind open to new ideas and methods. Each martial art has a unique perspective and learning to see these is part of your development. As you learn methods that are designed to build character, you will constantly be reminded of your purpose in this world. It is our hope that the skills we teach our martial arts students will be practiced safe and under the rules. Martial arts is only be used in the most desperate situations. Our students learn to control their bodies and learn the rules. Whether you are practicing self-defense, karate, or kickboxing, you will be relieving your your mind and body from stress. Martial artists tend to be more peaceful and controlled because of their training and confidence.

Fun Milwaukee Karate & Kickboxing Programs!

The workouts that we teach will challenge even the most physically fit individuals. These courses are designed to allow any student to achieve their physical potential. Whole body workouts have always been a basic practice for martial arts, and whether you are four or forty, we can guarantee that our Milwaukee karate, Milwaukee kickboxing and even our Krav Maga classes will challenge you and make you feel healthier and stronger! At Great Lakes NK we have done away with the “stern” nature of martial arts training. Our karate, kickboxing and Krav Maga classes are fun and can be as challenging as you want them to be.

The Milwaukee Karate school is able to accommodate all levels of experience and physical ability of prospective students in the area. To learn more about our Milwaukee karate, kickboxing, and Krav Maga classes either fill out the contact form below or give us a call at (262) 786-6000.

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