Why you Should Train in Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense method developed by the Israeli Defense Forces in the 1950’s. It is a powerful technique used by law enforcement and intelligence organizations around the world. In fact, Krav Maga prepares an individual for life threatening scenarios or situations where you could be seriously injured. This modern, dynamic fighting system teaches you to remain calm in stressful circumstances, while being able to defend yourself and your family. This fighting method also provides you with the skills to avoid fights and prevail in the end.

When you sign up for a Krav Maga class at Great Lakes National Karate, you will start with beginning classes because there is no experience necessary for learning Krav Maga. In fact, it does not matter your age, shape, size, or gender. Everybody can learn to have self-discipline and increased awareness of your surroundings. Even if someone approaches you with a weapon from behind, Krav Maga teaches you how to react in these situations.

Once you have gone through the basics of Krav Maga, advanced students will train in various situations with multiple attackers and weapons. Krav Maga is not just learning the techniques, but having the fitness and stamina to complete tasks also. Our Krav Maga training focuses on real life situations that help you avoid potential threats before an attack happens. When you complete the Krav Maga classes you will be at ease knowing you can defend yourself in life threatening situations. Not only is Krav Maga great for self-defense training, but de-escalating situations, increasing awareness, and building self-confidence.

Our team of professional instructors provide self-defense and fitness training that will make you safer and stronger. It does not matter what your fitness level or Krav Maga background levels are, our classes are suited to meet the needs of every student. We want to empower our students to feel safe and comfortable in their living environment and on the everyday streets. For more information on Krav Maga classes here at Great Lakes National Karate, contact us today.

Parents - Self-Defense or Kickboxing or Both

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Email Reminders for Severe Weather & December Anouncements

I want to send out a reminder to check your e-mails for information on the school closing due to severe cold weather or bad snow storms or dangerous road conditions. We will make a decision and send an e-mail as well as posting it on Facebook. Please check prior to making a trip to the school.

In this month, the school will be closed on Saturday, December 24th for Christmas Eve/Day and Saturday, December 31st for New Years Eve/Day.

  • December Article - "Are You "On Guard" Against Your "Hidden" Enemy?
  • Parent Appreciation - Self-Defense or Fitness Kickboxing
  • Birthday Parties at National Karate
  • Important Dates for December 2016 thru February 2017
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Gopi Doniparthi
Director of Wisconsin National Karate Schools

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Are You "On Guard" Against Your "Hidden" Enemy?

As martial artists, we do everything we can to prepare for outside threats such as bullies, criminals and other people who would do us harm. But here's the irony: We have an equal...

(Parents and students at the end of the article, there are questions we would like you to answer and bring the sheet with you to your class to get the Life Skills "White stripe" on the belt.)

Are You "On Guard" Against Your "Hidden" Enemy?

Leadership & Assistant Instructors Program at National Karate

Talk to your Director--the programs are for youth and adults who want to assist in classes to help students achieve their goals.

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Happy Halloween 2016!

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Just a reminder that the tournament in Schaumburg, IL is this Saturday, November 5th and the Wisconsin NK School will be closed.

Tournaments are like recitals, they prepare you to handle the pressure of getting in front of people and performing. Remember, that competing requires you to have good sportsmanship. Please go there with the attitude to do the best as you can and to have fun.

Good luck to all of the competitors!

In the November NK newsletter, we have the following:

  1. November Article: Exposed: Nine Martial Arts Myths.
  2. Parent Appreciation - Self-Defense or Fitness Kickboxing.
  3. Birthday Parties at National Karate.
  4. Important Dates for November 2016 thru January 2017.
  5. Leadership & Assistant Instructor Programs at NK.

Gopi Doniparthi
Director of Wisconsin National Karate Schools

Kickboxing Benefits

Looking for a new and exciting exercise routine to make you and your family ready for summer? Here at National Karate we take pride in family martial arts and how it benefits you and your children. We also specialize in ways to help adults tone their body, strengthen their muscles and decrease their stress. As a family-friendly facility we offer kickboxing classes for ages 13 and up. Kickboxing is a great all body cardiovascular workout. This activity enhances the ability to tone your body, reduce stress, burn calories, increase overall strength and has an added benefit of improving ability for self-defense. We take pride in teaching proper techniques in kickboxing, and ensure that you have a fun and friendly environment to practice these new and impressive kickboxing routines! There is never a better time than now to improve your health, meet new friends and enjoy life! Contact us today at Great Lakes National Karate to learn more about kickboxing and other opportunities to help you take control of your mind, body and spirit!

Exposed: Nine Martial Arts Myths!

Myths abound when it comes to martial arts. I hear so many misconceptions and flat-out wrong ideas about martial arts that it drives me crazy.

For parents and students at the end of the article, there are questions we would like you to answer and bring it to the school to get a Life Skills Stripe "White Stripe" on your Belt. This is for all students who are 4 to 12 yrs old. Ask your instructor if you have any questions.

Exposed: Nine Martial Arts Myths article

12 Year Old Taekwondo Champ!

Great Lakes NKMartial Arts is a way for children to stay physically fit and have fun while doing it. It’s also a way to help children set good life goals, such as respect, healthy living and personal goals, and achieve them in a rewarding way. Take Rayna Vallandingham for example. Rayna is a world-class athlete who has already accomplished some pretty amazing things by the age of just 12. She is a third-degree black belt martial artist with a feature film and 11 American Taekwondo Association world titles, being the youngest world champion to collect six championships. Rayna has other goals she wants to accomplish as well, including finishing school, competing at the 2024 Olympics, and becoming a success in the entertainment industry.

Rayna started training at just 3 years old and within a few years was able to compete at an international level. She would train for up to 9 hours a day to get to the rank of third-degree black belt and then travel the world for competitions. All of the things Rayna has achieved and the positive outlook she has towards her future goals all started with Martial Arts. Through Martial Arts Rayna learned self-discipline and what it meant to work hard for her goals, and how rewarding it can be as well. Martial Arts can be a way for children of any age to learn what it means to set goals and achieve them, and then apply what they learned to work towards even bigger goals they set for themselves in the future.

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