Fighting Stress with Taekwondo

Physical fitness and practicing taekwondo go hand-in-hand. Obviously if you practice the sport you will not only become more physically fit, but you will become healthier too. There is a story about a mother and wife, Lori Tweedy, from Colorado who is battling breast cancer but also practicing taekwondo. She had said that not only did it help her stay active and get through the radiation treatments and other medical processes, but that it helped her stay calm and positive throughout.

Tweedy and her whole family practiced and taught taekwondo classes in Colorado and loved it. After she had gotten her red belt, she decided to participate in a taekwondo event. Even with cancer and the radiation treatments Tweedy was going through, she won. After her three-month radiation treatment her doctor had told her that her recovery had gone well. She had taekwondo to thank because of the exercise and stress-relief throughout her treatment.

Fight Stress with Taekwondo

Taekwondo and martial arts are said to help cure the body, mind, and soul. More and more evidence is being linked to the well-being of people who practice regular physical activity that requires concentration and skill development. Not only are you exercising and relieving stress in a positive way, you are also kicking and punching. Who wouldn't love to practice kicking and punching techniques while stressed out? The main difference between violence and taekwondo is the one key variable: control.

When practicing taekwondo, you are in a controlled environment (usually in a class with others your age). Having control in your environment is crucial but so is having control over your body. Most people tend to get stressed when things start getting out of hand. In order to get back on track, the first step is usually to get some sort of control back into your daily routine. This can happen by making lists, working to get things done, making deadlines, and even exercising.

Taekwondo helps reduce stress by teaching you to control certain aspects of your body. Counting your breath is a major part of practicing taekwondo and is a form of meditation. Breathing techniques are taught because the mouth is thought of as a gateway that brings in and lets out energy, or chi. During the inhalation and exhalation breathing technique, the chi enters the body, makes a complete path of circulation throughout your body, and then exits; helping to calm someone and give them control of their energy.

All in all, there are many reasons that taekwondo is helpful. It is good for your body because of the physical exercise in the sport, but also good for your mind and soul by through improved breathing and concentration.

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How Practicing Martial Arts Helps Children

karate classesPracticing martial arts helps children develop life-skills and a better way of handing life's obstacles. The benefits of self-defense are often described as "practicing to fight so you don't have to." Children become more confident and project this confidence, making them less at risk to predatory behavior. The athletic health benefits of martial arts are also quite impressive. Through martial arts your child can increase their coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance making them happier and healthier. There are very few activities that will make a child use their mind, body and spirit like practicing martial arts. This will result in a better ability to concentrate, not only in martial arts but in other activities as well. Martial arts instructors stress the importance of restraint, courtesy and respect toward others and to only apply martial arts as a last resort. The benefits of enrolling a child into a martial arts program can extend beyond self-defense. Martial arts can become an outlet for children to express themselves and be on track to a healthy overall lifestyle.

What is Karate?

Karate is martial arts. Karate is physical. Karate is emotional. Karate is stimulating. Karate is responsible. Karate is weaponless. Karate is defense. Karate is coordination. Karate is stamina. Karate is reflex. Karate is technique. Karate is a method. Karate is motivation. Karate is expression. Karate is a way of life.

Karate is mind. Karate is body. Karate is soul.

“True karate is this: that in daily life one’s mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility, and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice.”  –Gichin Funakoshi

NK School Locations in Illinois

If you are in suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and wanting to take classes, there are 5 schools to choose from. Make sure you look at the individual school schedule and give them a courtesy call to let them know you are from Wisconsin and will be attending the class. These suburbs are around Schaumburg, IL.

Aurora, IL 
Bartlett, IL
Bloomingdale, IL
Elk Grove, IL
South Elgin, IL