Martial Arts Student Testimonials

"Highly recommend National Karate"

"My family has been going to National Karate for 4 years. All 4 of my kids love karate. Great self-defense, great for self-esteem and confidence. I myself have been working on my own black belt for about 3 years ( takes a bit of time as a mom of 4 BUT very do-able) and God willing will earn it this January. Highly recommend National Karate for anyone who is interested in Martial Arts or kickboxing workout." - Heide

"My son has become so disciplined"

"A great place for everyone! My 15 year old son and I have been attending NK for 3 years now. My son has received his 1st degree Black Belt and I hope to test for mine in January. It is such a great place; all the instructors are very supportive. My son has become so disciplined since joining and now loves to help with teaching others. It's a great group of kids and adults for your teenagers to be involved with and a great way of life for people of any age." - Tina

"I couldn't be more amazed at what I've accomplished!"

"Since I became a student of National Karate 3 years ago, it has become a second home for me. I've met amazing people and made great friends within the NK family. I achieved 1st degree Black Belt in June and I couldn't be more amazed at what I've accomplished! I've had lots of fun learning and helping teach lower belts and encouraging those around me. Also, I'm not the kind of person that earns a lot of dough, but National Karate is EXTREMELY affordable in comparison to all the other schools I've seen in the area. I give it an A+++++!!"! - Jekuzyk

"A family friendly school!"

"A family friendly school! There is something for everyone here...Kickboxing classes, karate, & sparring are all amazing! Not only are they fun, but you get a killer work out too! Learning self-defense, self-discipline, & building confidence is priceless. Both adults & children get so much out of these classes while making friends & becoming a National Karate family! Both my son ( 5 ) & I LOVE going to class!!! The instructors work so hard & truly care about each and everyone in the School! Highly recommend for all family members." - Megan

"A great environment for exercise, activity, and skill."

"My daughter has been attending both karate & kickboxing classes at National Karate for two months now and just LOVES it. She's made a lot of friends of varying ages and always looks forward to class nights. The instructors are professional, dedicated and fun, too. A great environment for exercise, activity, and skill." - Rene

"My son has developed into a very responsible young man"

"Joining National Karate is one of the best things my son and I could have ever done. My son has developed into a very responsible young man. He now tries to do his best in everything he does and is in all honors classes and gets straight A's. I really think it has a lot to do with National Karate. The owner and his staff are all very caring people and it has just become like our second family. We have developed great friendships with fellow students. It is just a very positive environment. I highly recommend it." - Tina S

"I act more empowered and willing to go out more with kids be myself"

"I took my 6 year old son to check it out to get him involved. He watched and wanted to try it out next thing I know I'm trying a class. Now the whole family goes as I signed up my daughter too. Not only do you get a great work out but the self-defense is the highlight. My husband has even commented that I act more empowered and willing to go out more with kids be myself. All of us are learning how to defend ourselves. Instructors are the best. I get to workout, have fun and learn to take care of myself all at the same time. There's nothing like it". - Linda

"Totally different than anything I've done before."

"My two children have attended the Bartlett school for a while and both enjoy the instruction, especially my son. After watching my kids, I decided to take classes as well. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are good at motivating the students. I also take the kickboxing classes which are a great workout. Totally different than anything I've done before." - Dan

"I am very confident walking down a dark street at night now"

"I have had a blast @ NK. Not only do I get a great workout, but I have fun doing it too! They have strong classes that build awareness, and have taught me self-defense @ a high level. I am very confident walking down a dark street at night now, knowing I can take care of myself. I now help teach with the kids classes, and they are just as amazing as the adult classes! Want a REAL KICK BUTT WORKOUT? Try out one of their cardio kickboxing classes! Wow! You won't believe the workout you get..." - DJK

"Our family loves National Karate!"

"Our family loves National Karate! My children are becoming more confident and respectful." - Lee

"Early 60's and we credit NK for keeping us in great shape"

"We are in our 7th year with National Karate and love every minute of it. It has become a way of life that we would not trade for anything. The instructors are great and extremely competent and really care about you. They work hard to make you the best you can be. Everyone wants you to reach the next level. The camaraderie among students is fantastic. We are in our early 60's and credit NK for keeping us in great shape both physically and mentally. We now have our grandchildren in it and cannot say enough about the youth program Come join us!!!! "- Brian

"74 years old and feel like 20! National Karate has improved my life 100%"

"National Karate has improved my life 100%. I am in better health, no back problems, and am much more confident. I cannot recommend them enough!!! The instructors are the most dedicated, talented and encouraging teachers I have ever known. I have spent the last 10 years of my life learning karate and I am empowered by it. I am 74 years old and feel about 20 years old. National Karate is my life. Everybody should join. I'm glad I did". - Pamkix